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Opening Hour 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day on week.


since 1998

The desire to shape our way of cooking, we turn to food from nature and culture, discover our history and shape the future.


If Trogir is called a UNESCO city, then the city has its own culinary heaven. A Trs Tavern certainly deserves such label. Located in the city center in 13th century house, Trs Tavern, which owes its name to an airy vine lattice sheltering the terrace of this wonderful gastronomic temple, with its distinctive culinary style, atmosphere and casual traditionalism, making it one of the leading restaurants of Trogir. Offering already branded foods, such as lamb pasticada, tripice, octopus, shark with spring beans, and the inevitable hare with lentils, whose taste and flavor clearly reveal their identities.

After all, in this restaurant eating lasts for hours rather than minutes, which clearly says that we live to enjoy the food and not live to eat. Truly cherishing coexistence with nature and Mediterranean culinary heritage,besides olive oil, lamb, mutton and goat cheese, homemade ham, bacon, various beans, radishes and then vegetables, such as broccoli, chard, cauliflower and onions which are grown in a field of Trogir hinterland, one can rejoice in the well known red wine Babić from personal production. The cupboards of Trs tavern, which remind of those archaic Venetian ones, are full of innumerable bottles of exquisite brandy made of fragrant herbs, cherry, carob, are a truly gourmet palate and for hedonists as they go perfectly with the local dessert, Trogir rafijoli. Therefore, our menu a bit modern, yet also rustic,is basically built on a pattern of healthy life and traditions.




Our standards

We dedicate all our attention to our standards

1. Quality and freshness of groceries
We never use groceries of suspicious origin and pass use by date. We pay a great deal of attention to it and that is why all our dishes have fullness of taste and smell.
2. We grow our own groceries
This is our great pride. All wine-Debit and Babić , olive oil, beans, chickpeas, kale, lentils, fava beans,… are from our own farm. Olive oil is available for purchase in our restaurant.
3. Wine list
With pride we can say that we have one of the richest wine lists in the area. List is divided in various criteria which assures that every guest finds his favorite.
4. Professional staff
Greatest care is given to each of our guests starting with first contact, helping in choosing the food and wine. Our goal is for a guest not to be just satisfied but delighted with our restaurant.

Meet the team

Two people most creditable for Reataurant Trs to be your first choice for enjoying most delicious food and wine.

Tomislav Ugrina
Tomislav Ugrina
Tomislav and his wife Sonja are main cogs in the Restaurant Trs machine. You can see them every day working for keeping the established standards and guest satisfaction.
Matko i Paško
Matko i Paško
Two chefs who take care that all the dishes that leave the kitchen are flawlessly cooked, arranged and in shortest period of time delivered to table. Great number of satisfied guests are our greatest reward.